PARACUP2018(Race Info)




Non-profit organization PARACUP (General Incorporated Association)


3 Hour Group Relay

In the relay race, you will run for three hours with your friends and/or family as your teammates. The team can be as small as 2 runners to maximum of 7 runners. Each loop will only be 2 km and it would be easy for beginners. Instead of a baton, you will pass on tasuki (sash/belt).

10km marathon

5km marathon

Family Pair run (400 meter)

The race is open for a pair (one adult and a child younger than 6 years old). The pair will run a 400 meter track. The participation prize (handmade necklace (medal)) will be presented to both parent and child. You can also run with a stroller. This race is not timed.

Kids run (1 km)

Children younger than 12 years old (but recommended for first grade and second grade children) can join this race. They will run for 1 km. The finishers will be presented with handmade necklace (medal). This race is not timed.


Furuichiba Track and Field Stadium , Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa
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