What is PARACUP?

Message from the Organizer

Yuki Morimura

PARACUP is a charity running event hosted by the non-profit organization PARACUP (General Incorporated Association). The entire proceeds from the event will be used to help children around the world to promote education and well-being. The event started in 400 runners at Enoshima, Kanagawa Prefecture in May 2005, and we have had more than 40,000 runners help our cause. We are truly grateful for all the support received from runners, volunteers, corporate sponsors as well as associated organizations. Without their support, we have not been able to continue this event till today.

“Your joy of running will pave the way for the future of children around the world.”

That was the key message we have been sending out throughout these years.

Extending help to others is in no ways difficult or challenging and you can actually enjoy the experience. It can be done by everyone.

The thirteenth PARACUP will be a slightly different from the previous half-marathon race. “PARACUP2017- Tasuki (sashes for the relay) that connects us to the future” is the main theme of our race and we will be hosting a relay marathon event.

We are confident that the joy of running with your friends and family on the race day will connect you to the future of children around the world. All of us at the PARACUP secretariat are doing our utmost to make such day possible. Please enjoy the new PARACUP.

Staff members of PARACUP2017

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